The Three Most Popular Styles of Blinds in the Denver Area Today
Posted by windowcoverings, 01/13/2018 11:14 am

There are times when it makes sense to have a home's or room's windows open to the world and free of clutter. On the other hand, being able to control the amount of light streaming in can be every bit as desirable.

Choosing the right blinds for particular room or an entire house can go a long way toward making it a more pleasant place to spend time. Suppliers of blinds in Denver like Design Craft Blinds and Floors have many different options for buyers to choose from.

Many Designs, Each With Its Own Strengths and Personality

Because blinds are so common and functional, manufacturers put a great deal of effort into offering a wide range of choices. Some of the general types of blinds that are most popular with homeowners in the area include:

Vertical. Characterized by relatively wide slats that hang down from suspension points above, vertical blinds are both practical and attractive. Vertical blinds are most commonly seen covering sliding glass doors, where they will normally be set up to ride along a rail for easy retraction themselves. Otherwise, vertical blinds work by having each slat pivot at its center point when a control rod or cord is manipulated. While blinds that feature vertical slats tend to have a fairly forthright presence in visual terms, that can easily contribute positively to a given room's overall character.

Venetian. A classic style of blind if there ever was one, the Venetian design has been around for many years. The horizontal slats that allow for blocking light are all suspended on strings that keep them cooperating smoothly. Closing the slats fully should allow for a significant reduction of light transmission, even compared to blinds of vertical design. Because the slats in Venetian blinds are each fixed at several points, the kinds of motion-induced gaps that can crop up with vertical ones will normally be less of an issue.

Miniature. Mini blinds take the Venetian design down to a smaller, more delicate looking scale. With slats that can be an inch tall or even shorter, they have a very different type of presence. Some manufacturers even offer "micro" style blinds with horizontal slats of about half an inch in height.

An Investment into Better Living

Picking out new blinds for a home or upgrading existing ones frequently proves to be a great way to enjoy time spent there even more. With local suppliers having many different options to choose from, making an especially fitting match should never be difficult at all.

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